Feb 22, 2011

Love Drops

We've been together for 5 years. And I'm so thankfuuul for that. Thank you for bringing me joy. Thank you for always protecting me. You're my second home. ILU.


and we were out for lunch at Warung Tekko

two glasses of tea in a big beer's glass, well actually we ordered three :P

Jamur Crispy Penyet

Otot Penyet, Oh my I'm in love with the 'sambel'

and this one is the most well-known menu, Iga Penyet. Gosh, I'm hungreeehhh

Watching movie before the government banned it, lol

I must say thank you once again. Hope our days will always fill with love-drops for the next years ahead. Amin.


Feb 17, 2011

Blogger Yard Sale part 4

It's been a long time that I desired to post and share to you about the event I attended, Blogger Yard Sale part 4. Since my Adobe Photoshop suddenly dissapeared from my Local Disk (grrrrrrr), I can't edit the photos and will only give you these plain photos. But I hope you like it ;)

the 'TKP' :)

The most unforgetable moment. I met many new friends :D
from left Umi - Rani - Phute - Ka Nisa - Ussiy - Me - Dhilla

And got a chance to meet ka Fika and Ka Inna Rovi from Hijabers Community. Yay! :D
*pict from Ka Fika's blog

This is the two photos I edited before the photoshop was gone.

This event was very important to me because I met a lot of people there. New friends and new experiences. Hope we can meet and catch up someday Hijabees :)
And may Allah always guide us to keep our istiqamah in His way. Amin :)