Jun 17, 2011

Dancing in the Rain

Since I love rain very much, I made this poem to praise her (well, a bit sexist to call it like that but I guess rain is one of a part in mother nature so I bet it's ok to be said so).. Let's call it 'Dancing in the Rain'..

Dancing in the Rain
by me

When the rain comes,

She looks toward her encumbrance.

When the rain comes,

She runs from her only massive circumstance.

When the rain comes,

She closes her eyes and begins to dance.

Lively and slightly, bury her emptiness.

For her,

Each sparkling raindrops are made of bliss.

Each running rain flow overwhelmed her ease.

Each early morning dews are fallen into a release.

Straightly and elegantly, grant her happiness.

Jun 11, 2011

Sketch Blog

Finally I found the owner of the sketch in this post. These sketches below are some parts of his work. Funny quotation and cute drawing made by him.

Or you can see more stuff in here. Just say Hi to him.. :D

Jun 10, 2011


A post dedicated to my beloved cousin and also a friend of mine. Webcam photos that I took at Mesjid Alumni UNJ with my new animal printed pashmina from @wawasuzanna, which she bought from Bali. Alhamdulillah. Thank you so much Wawa, I really love wearing this comfy pashmina. :D

Damn word!

What word do you hate most?

For me, it's 'PALING'!

Paling pandai, paling cantik, paling jahat, paling bodoh, paling jelek, paling dikenal, paling cocok, etc.

Why should discriminate? Why? Why? Why?

Well, sounds unfair, rite?

In my opinion, every person was born to be equal, to be treated fairly.. Maybe that's where the quote "Don't judge a book by its cover!" comes from.

So, what's yours?

ps: 'paling' means 'most' in English

Jun 4, 2011

Horror Stuff

I knew Risa Saraswati only for about a couple of week ago from Ian. She is an ex-singer of Homogenic. Well actually, I listen to Homogenic quite often but do not really know and realize for sure that it is the voice of teh Risa. I just enjoy the music. And now, teh Risa sings for her new band named Sarasvati. Her new album was Story of Peter. It's about her 'unseen' friends. Why is it called 'unseen'? Yes it's all because she has what people said the sixth-sense. She can see something that we cannot see, spirits. Very curious and enthusiastic about her, so I followed her twitter and blog. I found many interesting stories on her blog. About her experiences through seeing ghosts and interacting with them. Since childhood, I really love horror stuff and its friends, but actually I cant stand on it ;P Now I thought I am more mature to decide and think, so I take the guts to sneak peek about it. Well, quite brave even I couldn't sleep afterall :P

One night, teh Risa asked her followers on twitter to see 'what cant be seen' on her followers' photos. She wanted to see and reveal with her extraordinary ability what kind of spirits she found on the photos. So, once again, I took the guts to send her one of my photos to see what kind of 'things' behind it. This is the photo that I sent to her.

This photo is taken on the Langit Musik's event in epicentrum (see this post).

The tweet that I mentioned to her.

Would you like to know the replied tweet from her?

Hahaha she said there are many western people (of course spirits), higher than us, wearing old or maybe ancient clothes, passing by behind us. I was shocked enough to hear that for I couldn't sleep after that. Silly thing :P

Teh Risa is often talked about her experiences in seeing 'you-know-who' on twitter. At the second time, I sent my photo, again, to her. Hahaha I dont really know what's on my mind when I did it. I was just curious. Like people said, curiousity kills the cat. And now it kills me. Haha. The photo that I took is located in my campus' restroom with my besties, Dhila and Rani. Sssstt, I didn't tell them about it because both of them really dislike or maybe hate horror stuff. Hehe maaf ya tp saya penasaran ;P Most of the buildings in my campus is very old. Every single corner seems like keeping a mystery. That's why I was really enthusiastic to send teh Risa this photo and curious what is actually behind it.

The photo. Me, Dhila, and Rani.

I mentioned her.

And this is her reply.

She said there are actually four people in the picture. Geez it was a woman right behind Rani. Hahaha after that I moved to my sister's room and slept beside her. And I promise to myself that I will never ever go to that restroom without any friends accompanying me :P
Well, it's all up to you whether you believe it or not. Hehe. Choice is all yours. Thanks for reading my blog.. See you on the next post. Byeee..


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