Jan 30, 2011


Let's say 'Alhamdulillah' for every tiny and simple happiness we got from Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah.. About a few days ago, me and my friends joined Hijabers Community's quiz. Just to try our luck and make this occasion as a chance to gather and cherish with besties. I was sleeping when my friends mentioned my name on twitter and sent me a message with capital letters (hahaha I shocked!) to tell me that we won the quiz. Haha what a night! I used to be an insomniac but I was sick lately so I've to sleep earlier :'( Got pain in every corner of your joints, heartburn, fever, and headache at one time are really not a good idea. It was excruciating. Even I still feel the symptoms till now. But, all the illness disappeared as the good news came. Once again, 'Alhamdulillah' :D
Thank you so much for all sisters from Hijabers Community for choosing us to be the winner. I'm honoured :) hehe
And for my friends (Rani, Mutia, Mia, and Phute) for the great cooperation. This is the two photos that finally we sent after a long long long confusing discussion :P

photos are edited by me. for more details click here

And by the following days, the gifts come. Horeeee!!!
Thanks to teh Ghaida from Gda's Gallery for providing this gift. Pssst, I heard that she sewed it all by herself. What a talented woman! Makasih ya teteh :D

Actually that's a brooch but I use it as a necklace. It's too cute to be used only for brooch :)
And this achievement won't come around without a single touch of help from Mr. Bobi as the photographer. We knew bob that someday you'll be a pro, and you did it! Makasih ya bobiii :D

Thanks Allah SWT for all your mercy, wisdom, and the perfect happiness to me. I'm so blessed and thankful for always keeping my istiqamah on your way.


Jan 25, 2011

Meet Besties

Went visiting Ciz 'n Chic in Boulevard Street, Kelapa Gading, with my besties. Had chit-chat and went insane talking about life as we all separated in distance since holiday started.

My fave colour, turquoise.

What I ordered, Cheesy Chic if I'm not mistaken. Yumm..

Much love,

Jan 21, 2011

"In life we do things. Some we wish we had never done, some we wish we could replay a million times in our heads. But they all make us who we are, and in the end they shape every detail about us. If we were to reverse any of them we wouldn't be the person we are. So just live. Make mistakes, but learn from them. Have wonderful memories, but never ever second guess who you are, where you have been, and most importantly where it is that you are going. Just have faith that life is happening as it should." -- Sex & The City

Jan 18, 2011

Hijabers Community Quiz

Girls, have you seen the current and newest post of Hijabers Community? They hold a quiz!! The quiz is closed on January the 25th. The theme for this quiz is about colourful friendship and companionship between hijabers. Yes, I am participated. How about you?

Unfortunatelly, we're just allowed to submit 2 photos. And it's rather confusing to choose two of many photos we took. Here are some photos of us.

from right left to right, me, Rani, Mia, Phute, and Mutia

all photos are edited by me
do not copy and paste the photos without any permission

Thanks to Mr. Bobi for helping us taking these pictures. Wish us win this quiz girls! :D


Ruang Rupa Fest

Ruang Rupa Fest is a the 10th anniversary of Ruang Rupa and also as the premiere launch of Ruru Records. This fest was held at Galeri Nasional. I went there to see my fave band, Efek Rumah Kaca. Efek Rumah Kaca was performing at this event. Unfortunatelly I didn't take any pict with my pocket camera. I only took it with my phone. So maybe the quality isn't good at all. Here it is, Cholil Mahmud and friends.

I also watched Sir Dandy's performance at that event. He is sooo funny I almost die laughing because of him haha. I don't know why I love his words that he said in front of the audience. He just simply said it but strictly went to the point. He said that,

"Jangan takut kalo mau buat band. Karna ga semua orang suka musik bagus" -- Sir Dandy

Hahaha. Very sarcastic for those stereotypes daily music in the morning. You got the style, Sir! Love it :)


Our Song

Now I knew what kind of song should be played on my wedding day. And It's a must! It is Konservatif by The Adams. Our song :)

Jan 13, 2011

It's Bali. It's Love!

Whoa it's been a year since my last post ( ya I mean my last post on the last day in 2010 :P). Now I can completely feel the air comes through my lungs. I feel FREE yeaaah free from any assignments. Exhale and inhale. Hehehe. During this holiday, I would keep my blog updated insha Allah. Now this time may be the right time to pay my post's debt about my holiday in Bali. I went there to take part on my campus activity. For me, myself, no words can describe Bali. It's such a beautiful place to have some rest, to forget all the dizziness in Jakarta, to refresh your mind, and reflect yourself from the whole undone ambition. All I can say is, it's unforgetable! Once again, more photos, more fun! :D

taking this pict before leaving Jakarta

first stop at Rumah Makan Pringsewu

with double 'D', dyah and dhila

whatta comfy place to sleep! zzz

our headmasters, kharisma and dini

my girls :*

arrive at Inna Hotel Bali, Denpasar

Barong performance

at the backstage with rani and ghita

after watching Kecak dance

he's our funny tour guide, bli Delon

at Desa Panglipuran

taking pict with all classmates in front of the residents' temple

our lovely lecturers, mam Rahayu and mam Voka

next destination > Uluwatu! Whatta wonderful place!

with mamake, Dini

here we are at Tanjung Benoa :D

welcome to Kuta Beach \m/

heey miss, can I take a pict with you?

with one of my bestfriends, Rani

I really love those children. they were energetically trying to find money from the 'sajen'. how cute!

hey lil brothers, look at the camera please :)

that's right! now say cheese :)

the ceremonial which is held on the beach

at Kuta street

gathering night at Wisata Kartun

guess where am I? :P
it's time to go to Jogjaaa! But unfortunately I didn't take any pict in Jogja :(

Promise to myself to go there someday. You guys should come to Bali, Indonesia, sometime where thousands of temples stand, land of gods is praised, and where sweet memories couldn't be replaced!