Jun 17, 2012

Homemade pancake

Next recipe I've tried is pancake. Yaaay.. Making pancake is really easy actually as long as you keep the basic rules of making it. Pancake recipe is just the same like making crepes, the different lies in the consistency of the dough. Pancake dough is heavier and thicker than crepes.

1. 200 gr wheat flour
2. 1 teaspoon baking powder
3. A pinch of salt
4. 2 eggs
5. 250 ml full cream milk
6. 2 teaspoons sugar
7. 1/2 tablespoon of butter (melt it)

1. First bowl: mix the flour, salt, and baking powder well, set aside.
2. Second bowl: Separate the white egg and the yolk, mix the yolk with sugar and milk, stir for a while then pour the melted butter into it.
3. Make a hole in the first bowl and add the mixture from the second bowl into it, stir gently till the flour doesn't look lumpy.
4. Third bowl: beat the white egg till stiff and fluffy.
5. Add the white eggs into the dough using folding technique (the technique which is used by gently stirring/lifting the dough from the bottom to the top repeatedly with spatula). Notes: stir until the bubbly effect from the white egg appears on the dough but don't make it too long, because this bubbly effect will make the pancake fluffy later on.
6. Prepare the pan, use low heat, if it is hot enough pour the dough with ladle so that it'll make a perfect circle shape. Notes: no need to cook the pancake with oil or butter in order to make it beautifully brownie on the top.
7. Serve with anything you like on the top of the pancake as the topping, here I used ice cream, oreo, and condensed milk.

Jun 11, 2012

Kepiting goreng saus padang

This is my first post about cooking. Been enjoying my idle time by trying some different recipes while waiting for my thesis to be hmm whatchamacallit, hmm can't say anything. Just hope for the best o:)
Long short story, idk where my craving for seafood especially crab came from all of the sudden. But thanks to my dad for being so kind and generous, accompanying me to find the main ingredient in pasar jatinegara and rawamangun. After gathering some info from several sites, finally I knew how to prepare and make kepiting saus padang. Hopefully it's useful for all of you :)

my kepiting saus padang :)

First thing first, in choosing a good and fresh crab, you have to make sure that the crab you buy is alive. To start preparing the crab, try to kill it by saying basmallah first and hit the upper shell near the eyes 3 times with stone until it loses consciousness. After that, open bond in the claws, and start cutting up the legs + claws. Next step is done by opening the shell and clean all the excretion inside the crab. Then brush all the shells, legs, and claws until it's clean (I use old toothbrush to clean it).

1. 3 crabs @ 300 gram
2. vegetable oil
3. 6 shallots, finely chopped
4. 2 garlic, finely chopped
5. 1 cm ginger, finely chopped
6. 4 tablespoons of chili sauce
7. 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce
8. 1 teaspoon minced chili (cabe merah giling)
9. 1/2 teaspoon pepper
10. 1 teaspoon salt
11. 1 teaspoon sugar
12. 75 ml water
13. 1 teaspoon cornflour, mix with some water

1. Kill the crabs, clean, and crush the claws.
2. Fry the crabs in boiling oil until it's cooked and changes color, set aside.
3. Sauce: heat the oil, stir-fry the shallots and garlic until soft and the flavor came out.
4. Add ginger, chili sauce, tomato sauce, minced chili, pepper, salt, sugar, and water.
5. Add cornflour, stir well until it's boiling and thickened.
6. Put the fried crab and mix it well.
7. Cook until the flavors mingle.