Oct 31, 2010

terusik traxkustik

here I am, with one of my fave singer, Adhitia Sofyan ♥♡

Oct 23, 2010


Your Friends will support you....

And respect your creativity

for thinking outside the box....

They'll be there when you need a

shoulder to lean on....

Or a great big hug....

A true friend takes interest in

understanding what you're all about....

They see beyond the black and white

to discover your true colors....

And accept you just the way you are...

Even when you just wake up in the morning

So make your own kind of music....

Follow your heart wherever it takes you....

And when someone reaches out to you,

Don't be afraid to love them back....

They may just be a friend for life....

Practice patience and tolerance.....

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave....

And impossible to forget!

Share this with all your unforgettable friends today....

for those who make my life more colorful, friends. don't you know that i care about you?


much love,

Oct 15, 2010

What's Love About

pict by me

There is always bittersweet chocolate between those milk sweets.
Just like LOVE.

Oct 13, 2010

Inspiring Idea

Got these gorgeous picts from http://fashematics.com/
Maybe this isn't the style that makes me stunning. Not even the model. But I guess the idea which is succesfully stealing my heart. How come a style comes from a couple of gigantic and ugly feet into fascinating hairy shoes? This is rare. Rare means awesome in my ownself-dictionary. I really mean it. Standing applause!

Check this also.
A piece of scary skull turns into an eye-catching white long dress. Simply like a wedding dress. This is contradictory. Love this one also.

Well, that's just from my point of view. But if you desire to take a look at more ideas from these picts, you can visit this site, http://fashematics.com/
For me, style is not defined. Style can come up with a strange idea. But it will suit you well if you wear it with attitude also. That's why Allah commands you to cover most of your body with hijab.

"I dress for myself, not others. I love the way my heart blooms from what I wear. I'm exactly enamoured with the way it comforts me." -Selfnote

much love,

Oct 11, 2010


There was a time when I really loved fashion much. It felt like I was more alive in it. Trying every new stuff I desired to have. But now, the latest fad i enjoy to do is taking some photos and then editing it. I'm just an amateur. I don't know what are the right rules of capturing a picture. I know nothing about the composition or whatever. But who cares? Because I don't care. I just want to share it with you, you, and you. Just enjoy. No offense ;)

some say that good shoes will bring you to a good place too. and here I am with my fave shoes. i love the colour. pink nubuck.

this is the picture of my best friends. dyah, dini, rani. love you sweeties.

i love those logs.

narcissism :P

look at the vintage car. feels like living in 80's era.

much love,

Oct 10, 2010

"Judge me by what is IN my head, not what is ON my head" -Unknown

Oct 8, 2010

turquoise Monroe

Oct 7, 2010

Befriend with your own fears! ♥