Nov 30, 2010

Look I Like

New stuff really feels like heaven. I wonder how it feels and looks like if I wear it. So I, in a hurry, try to mix and match my new shawl with my plain dress. It's so silly. But that's where the fun comes.

Thanks to Siti Juwariyah for the information where to buy this shawl. It is really comfortable and very easy to wear.

much love,

Nov 29, 2010

Random Post

I bet you all fashionistas know Christian Louboutin. Yes, he is a footwear designer from France. How I really adore his stilettos. Louboutin professed goal is to make a woman looks sexy and beautiful, to make her legs look as long as [he] can. He wants to make shoes as precious as jewellery. That's why Louboutin's shoes have a very expensive price. But actually, price would not tell lie. I really wish I could have one of these items later.

pict from google

Can't you see the red-lacquered soles in his shoes? It has been his signature since March 27, 2007. At the moment, Louboutin filed an application for U.S. trademark protection of this red sole design.

much love,

Under Construction

Had a photo shoot with Ms. Dhila Firdaus at college. We were coincidentally wearing denim. Hey nuung, you are featured on my blog! Come and see, come and see :)


Nov 28, 2010

Welcome 21

The most kindest and funniest man in this world has just passed his new age. On last Thursday, 25th Nov, I came to his house with purpose without asking his permission. Yes, It was 5 o'clock in the morning. I've arranged it a couple of days ago. I wanted to wake him up and make a surprise for him. So I bought him a cake and came in a rush on that day. Wanna know a little?

look at those sleepy eyes

avocado layered cake. taste like heaven :9

And it was the day when he treated me. We were watching Harry Potter 7 and had a lunch at Solaria. Thanks my 'unyuu fly' ! :)

This post is dedicated to you dear. Thanks for the last 4 years. I'm so glad to be yours. I Love You.

much love,

Nov 20, 2010

Outing Class

Assalamualaikum dear readers! I have nothing to do this night, maybe posting some of my activities will reduce my sheer boredom. Yeah, actually I'm deadly craving to go to an event named @Urbanfest_2010. But hell yeah my bf really has his good saturday night with his friends :'(
So here I am, maybe, forgotten.
Many of my fave bands are performing now, and I only can see how their performances go smoothly on their timeline on twitter. But that's ok. I have my blog here to share. I'm gonna give you lots of photographs now. Edited by me. I took it just from my pocket camera, Canon Ixus 95IS. But I'm completely in love with the result. Because it's the photogenic one :D

Last Thursday I had an outing class at Planetarium and Mekarsari.


But I named it 'HOLIDAY'! Yuhuu, so, me and my classmates were just taking photos rather than seriously studying. Lol.

Let me introduce you all with my best friends, from left to right, rani, dyah, dini, me, and kharisma. Hey, dhila was not there!

Hey look! We're deadly duo (duet maut) haha i don't know how to say it correctly.

Let me show you my outfit for that day. It's simple. Stripes shirt + dark denim + white plaited belt + sandals = comfortable. I really love the sandals, again from Charles and Keith, very comfortable.

bag from Marie Claire

Laugh, laugh, and laugh :D

Yes, it was fun! Can't wait for the next trip. BALI!! hehe. Will post something after I come back, I promise (cross fingers). But firstly, hope you pray for my safety. Hoaaahm, It's quite midnight here. I feel sleepy now *yawning. That's it for today. Thanks for all of you, my loyal readers. Surely you can comment on everything related to this post. I will kindly response it :D
Bye from now. Have a nice dream! Just don't let bugs bite you. Ok?

much love,

Daily Outfit

I'm out of words tonight, just let's jump to the point.

I really love the harem pants because I got it very cheap. Hehe. It is just simple yet chic. And the necklace also, it's handmade by me :)

much love,

Nov 19, 2010

picture to remember

pict by me

Nov 15, 2010

Play with my old-white-plain shirt

Heyho, happy Monday all! Been enjoying to post anything here lately. So here I am just doing a bit silly things, taking some photos, mixing and matching all my stuff on my wardrobe. This time, I used my old-white-plain shirt. Just got the inspiration from Hijab Scarf's quiz. I don't really expect to win this quiz, only want to please myself and participate a little. But I would be so grateful if I win this. So, happy mix and match!

Let's look what I've done to this shirt.

It's always nice to mix an oversized shirt with denim. Don't forget to roll your denim up a little.

Then match it with your fave shoes.

Well, I really love doing this. As you know, comments are always appreciated here. Wish to see you again on another post of mine. Thank you.

much love,