Feb 28, 2012

Current picts, current song, current feeling

London (still) 

moving on

new chapter
literally :'(

but I wont give up, I will add a lot of efforts (again) into it
and a plenty of love potion

inner and kaffah scarf - saturday market, forever 21 top, Gaudi bag, TLTSN flats, Lil' Moo ring
no more standing in a blurred situation
(insha Allah)

mam, dunno why this song really suits you well I guess :'(
or that I'm just a fool
waiting for nothing, in vain
too much expectation
but that wont stop me trying
this time, I only rely on you ya Rabb

Feb 18, 2012

Ich heiβe Cinta Laura

Hallo, ich heiβe Cinta Laura.
Ich komme aus Puncak.
Ich wohne in Taman Safari, in der Raya Taman Safari-Straβe, Cisarua Bogor.
Mein Hobby ist Fuβballspielen.

Feb 16, 2012

Be positive!

"I just need to be positive, because when you start getting, like, super-negative about things, then it just doesn't go anywhere but down from there." -- Allison Harvard

Feb 11, 2012

The story about water

Enjoying my saturday night with the magnificent sound of pouring rain in this exact time. How raindrops can make me feel calm and comfortable. Make me forget all dramas in my skripsi all of the sudden. And also make me wonder why those raindrops, the water, willingly fall down to the earth if in up there, there's a better place to stay for them. Altogether with their 'water family'. For down in the earth they are treated unwell, and in the end, will flow and end up in the gutter. But I guess they already have an answer to this silly question:
"Nothing is more miserable than becomes useless for others."
They know that they are more meaningful on earth, they had gone through a precious process before end up in the dirty gutter, for they willingly surrender their lives only for helping human beings. Because that's what makes them count. Makes them worthwhile. Just like us. Helping others will keep us worthy. Keep us alive..

For the genuine water and the smell of the wet land after the rain.
I wish I could bottle it and make a perfume from it. 

Feb 8, 2012

Sister's day at Sushi Tei

Let me introduce you with my only one sister. Her name's Atika but I used to call her mbak Tika. She's my bestfriendforever in life besides Ian. I love her so much. Here it is, do we look alike?

Nalini Chic Moslem scarf, Forever 21 top, Casio Vintage watch, Gaudi bag, Number 61 maxi skirt, TLTSN flats

Chuka Idako a.k.a Baby Octopus. This has been my fave so far. Recommendation from Mia and Phute.

See you around on the next post yaa..


Feb 6, 2012

Pump a jump!

A picture to remember

At our fave spot.
A picture to remember,
of a week to 'us' day,
our 6th anniversary.
Ich liebe dich.

Little present

Little present for the birthday girl, Ghita. Hope she likes it :)