Jul 25, 2012

Someday you will miss today

Long short story, I always write down days that impress me the most. Days that make me smile for almost a week. Days that make me couldn't sleep all night because of the happy feeling bursting in my heart. I put it in my yellow book with the title 'Days I Will Never Forget'. And yesterday's moment was exactly definitely obviously on my list. You know why? Because I have passed my thesis examination. On Ramadhan! It went very very very well. Allhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for this kind of happiness. Looking back in my thesis struggle, I once failed. Yes. My first title had been rejected by my previous adviser, though I made it until chapter III :'( My first thesis have failed. But not my spirit. I tried to stand on my feet once again, cooling down, and decided to find another adviser with another titles. I started to write my second title on March. And because Allah is always beside me, it all ran smoothly until today.

my thesis
You don't know how happy I am. How surprisingly this thing makes me feel like living in a dream. And how surprisingly the schedule for my thesis exam was out all of the sudden. Hahaha. It all started on last Monday. I was so happy that finally I could sign myself up for the thesis exam. I thought that maybe my exam would happen on August. However, Allah works in all kind of mysterious ways. We just don't know it until it happens. So, there it was, my thesis exam is on the next day which I never thought it could be this fast. Which I hadn't prepared anything yet. It all started from this text message I got from Mbak Ida, one of ED crews.

Surpriseeee! Hahaha. But finally that day has passed. Thank you God for always grant all my prayers. I know what you did to me is all for my best. I couldn't thank you enough for the blessings I get in life. Ohh I wanna cry writing this :'')

my skripsi mates
I also want to thank to all my friends that kindly gave me great support during this moment. And Ian, for giving me abundant of motivation and advises. Thanks for always keeping my mood along the ups and downs. Lastly, to all my friends who have mentioned me on twitter, sms, and bbm, I am really highly appreciated it guys. I don't wanna forget anything about this moment, so I capture all of it in here. Hopefully someday when I open this post, I will recall this moment and fall for it all over again. I capture it in here so that I can remember that all of you are a part of me, my destiny, that I will never ever forget. May Allah SWT always give all of you many blessings in life. Amin. And for all my friends who haven't faced the examination yet, I hope everything running well for you. Hope Allah make everything easy. Amin.

surprise from my girl Mia :*

Jul 8, 2012



Mazee fl.F3 at FX Mall
Jakarta, Indonesia 10270

Monthly gathering

love my ponco so muchooo
from Koola Stuffa
Rumah Putih
Jalan Cempaka Putih Tengah I No. 38
Jakarta, Indonesia

Huize Trivelli
Jalan Tana Abang II No. 108
Jakarta Barat 10150