Sep 12, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak pals!

Ramadhan has left. But the euphoria still remains in our heart. Not untill a week since Lebaran, I've missed Ramadhan already. I miss my mom's smile while receiving new clothes. I miss her while finally she could finish her fast without suffered from her diseases. I miss the day when my father matched his new kopiah. Sure it really suits you dad :)
And I will miss my sister's expression when she got home and carried many purchases. It's really simple things you know. But when I turn back the memories of those days, it makes my heart blooms. How can you ignore every single happiness your closest persons got? But now Ramadhan has gone. How I want to meet Ramadhan next year, next two years, three years, and so on. How I desire to be always in His way, to keep my consistency in Islam. May Allah grant all my prayers. Amen.

my fatty mom :)

my sister

with relatives

I dont wanna be a fool and make a big mistake. So let's make this special occasion as a turning point to bring back our chastity. May Allah purify our heart and mind through apologize. Eid Mubarak all!

much love,
Niken and family


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