May 15, 2011

Let's Sing!

Nothing could make me more delightful than going to a local music event. This is where myself to be. Realease myself from the so-so routinity. I love the time when I could sing loudly and no one would care of my bad voice. I love it when the beat of drum made my heart beats faster. I love it when I could sing with many strangers there. Such a good distraction from a mountain of assignments which await at home. And I'm so thankful for having such a good companion to accompany me to go there. Ian. Here we are at Langit Musik birthday party in Epicentrum.

Me and Ian both love and support local indie bands, especially Efek Rumah Kaca. We started admiring them since the first time I entered college. ERK has a very ideological lyric. They see things in different ways and then pour it into a song. They prefer to choose their song's theme in politic and humanity besides other mainstream bands which tend to always talk about love, love, and love. Here they are, Adrian, Akbar, and Cholil.

This week, we have watched ERK performance two times. First, we went to a friend's college, UNSADA, to watch them and second, to an event from Speedy. Here is the documentation.


Yeaaah, with the vocalist, Cholil Mahmud!

Speedy's event at Balai Kartini

oh Cholil, I'm a fan!

from left, Ian, me, and Ghita

behind us, Seringai was performing

and this is my favourite of all, Akbaaar!

How lovely I met Akbar ERK when we wanted to pray Maghrib. We had some chit-chat, intruduced each others, and had a chance to pray Maghrib together. What a wonderful time! I will never forget it for sure! :D He's very kindhearted and handsome of course. Don't you know that he's Indra Bekti's brother? Thing I learned at that time is, It feels very different when Akbar is on the stage, we both different in case of a fan and a star. But then I realized, we are all equal in front of our Lord, Allah SWT. Only faith and good deeds which distinguish us. I noticed it when we both had a time to pray Maghrib together.



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