Jan 21, 2012

Just what you're worth..

Hey readers, (is there any?)..
Just a quick post about what I've been through lately. About how I mess up my life and how then I inevitably enjoy it. Taking care of my own concern that previously, so little time I have to manage. I start focusing on my own goals and dreams, and do it with my way. About how I love hanging around alone lately without any interference from others. About how my life trapped in such a black and white circumstance. If it's not black and white, then it's blurred. Frozen time, sometimes, or either up in flame.. In the end we'll remember how important black and white is, for they are a part of colors, of life.. Just what they're worth.

Current playlist:
U.F.O - Coldplay
Thank you Coldplay for being my most loyal friend.
Gute nacht!


safinah rashid said...

you look like chinese! pweetyyy!

Niken Pranita Putri said...

thanks, you too :)

Mia Utami Putri said...

Im your reader :D

Niken Pranita Putri said...

thank youuu miaaaa syg, we're blog readers yaaah :*****

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