Nov 7, 2012

Lovember graduation

Finally, ultimately, eventually......
A thousand thank to the merciful Allah SWT I could graduate from undergraduate degree in this exact graduation. Now you confuse? Me too :D
It's the upper level of yayness in my favorite-moment-list in my life. Oh please Niken, reality checks. Don't too much drown yourself into temporal excitement. Now burden in the top of your shoulder could explode if you didn't apply your theoretical college knowledge. Wake up! Once again, reality checks. Oh life, just let me indulge my self for a moment in this lovely Lovember Graduation memories.

my parent's support until the very moment
can't thank them enough
big thanks also given to this woman
couldn't make the day without her

thanks ian for always keeping my mood along the ups and downs

thanks friends :')


Wayan AdityaNi said...

deek nikeenn.... maaciy potonya taro sinii...
yang 1 lagi nyengir manaa???
taro fb dunk.... :D


syahidsundana said...

Barakallah Niken, semoga bermanfaat dan makin berkah :)

1 sma = 931 MeV said...

selamat ya kak niken :) semoga berkah...

Niken Pranita Putri said...

Terima kasih ya semuanya.
Amin yra insha Allah qabul ya doa kalian :)

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