Feb 6, 2010


Whoah it seems a long time not to warble here garrulously. Yet it's just only a week ago. But i miss the way i leave stains here. Oke fellas, i absolutely want to share some more stories here. But keep it patiently, on the next blogging i will show you those freaky things.
You know guys what i was doing in those previous hours? i found the cheap and yummy place at a hind Rawamangun bus station (actually i found that place for the last 2 years if i'm not mistaken, or whatever it was). It was not a huge place to stay awhile, though it's still quite comfortable to meet up with chatty friends. Furthermore, the meals there, are very cheap. It is usually called DAPOER KITA by name. I, myself, and my man have spent only Rp 30.000 for a plate of bolognaise spaghetti, a packet of ice cream, a glass of Miloshake, and you know what guys, a pan of milky Lasagna. Here some photos of it.

Hmm sounds yummy right?? For your information, the portion are there aren't very big, but still can extinguish my famished belly. You should visit that place sometimes.
Thank you friends for reading and visiting my blog. All comments are appreciated here.

Niken :)


Fajar Ahmad said...

Sounds... Good...
I can't sleep with empty belly actually... Take me there... Hahaha :D

Niken Pranita Putri said...

we can go there sometimes boobs. it's nearside our lovely campus. nyoook hehehe :)

uphiishufi said...

hah makanan apa itu ! ngiler :((

Niken Pranita Putri said...

makanan murah nan lezat hehe

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