Feb 11, 2010

a new baby at home

As I promised you guys to bring you some of my freaky stories (not as freaky as you think maybe, but interesting enough I guess), this time i would like to tell you about my entire day on the 2nd february, 2010. But before we start it all over, i want to announce you something that made me very surprised this week. I have won the Gogirl! Fashion Tag of The Week!! Woohoo.. This is the photo

Wish me luck guys to win the Gogirl! Fashion Tag of The Month! Okay that one isn't my only one priority, because i have things that could be very important to reach. This is my wishlist in my new semester:

1. Buy at least one literature book and finish it all
2. Improve my speaking and writing skills (cause of those things, I started to blog here)
3. Gain a very high GPA in this semester (that's why i don't wanna enter an Estetika class, because i think it doesn't really important to fill 24 credits and get a very quick graduation but you don't really understand the course and just follow your temporary passion then get a lower GPA, sorry guys it's just only my opinion)
4. Start to make some tips and tricks in order to be a good contributor in one of a well-known fashion magazine
5. and so on (actually i forget ;p)
Hopefully those things will work out fine :)

Oh no! It's me an absent-minded person who always forgets everything to do. I used to tell you about my exhausted day-out this day. Okay here it is. Actually my Literature teacher, Mam Eva, asked us to buy a novel from Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre. But that novel was very hard to reach. Such an odd book. I had to call lots of bookstores to get that novel, start from Periplus until Kinokuniya. Thanks for Kinokuniya PIM for providing the novel, so I, myself, with my besties went out to the bookstore. It was a slightly exhausted day but i felt very happy yet. We just only purchased Rp 28.000 to get that novel. Nothing seems worthless. The baby is now at home. These are the photos of 'Jane Eyre'..

And these are some photos of my great friends. I'm glad to be close to them. They are all very impressive. Love you..

As I read the novel, then suddenly fall in love with the quote on that novel, in the last paragraph 3 chapter 4 if i'm not mistaken

"human beings must love something..."

Therefore, i must bear in my mind in order to have something i'd love to. And this is how the way i start to fall in love with literature novels. Yes, i hope this one will be my hobby evermore.
Okay, now my knees and my feet get hurt because of the long long long journey. Too much walk is not good for your health.

Sorry friends if this posting bothers you. And I'd be glad to if you're mind to give comments about the grammar or whatever.

I almost forget one thing. My friend, encop, took photos of me while waiting for dini. She bought a spongebob binder for her lovely BFF. Please enjoy my photos at the bookstore. This is my hobby too. I've a great passion on that. Check it out :)




Fajar Ahmad said...

i love reading actually, but don't know what to read!!! PRRRTTT!!!! GIGzzzzzz

English Literature books....
Chick lit, teen-lit you name it!!! I HATE THOSE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


syahidsundana said...

so sweet :)

Niken Pranita Putri said...

hehe thank you ya bobi and Syahid :)

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