Jul 9, 2010

Blissful Night

On last Wednesday, I went to Jakarta Fair at Kemayoran. It's been years (too excessive feeling :P) for me not to watch a great performance from my fave band, Efek Rumah Kaca. Some friends of mine already knew that I often had dreams of Cholil Mahmud. Yes, the vocalist. Haha but I enjoyed it. Yet it made my man a lil' bit upset. I told him many times not to take this problem seriously. You know, it's just only a dream. And I'm not living in a dream. Hehe.
Well umm, the bottom line of this posting is just to share some happiness to you. That was a blissful night. Here are some photos of the show, actually the photos of me mostly :P
Hope you like it :)


and his friend

curing boredom

taken by him

the vocalist, Cholil ERK

Yes, I'm obviously happy. Yes, this is a wreaking pain. Thank God for sharing me some smiles. Love you as I always be.

much love,


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