Oct 13, 2010

Inspiring Idea

Got these gorgeous picts from http://fashematics.com/
Maybe this isn't the style that makes me stunning. Not even the model. But I guess the idea which is succesfully stealing my heart. How come a style comes from a couple of gigantic and ugly feet into fascinating hairy shoes? This is rare. Rare means awesome in my ownself-dictionary. I really mean it. Standing applause!

Check this also.
A piece of scary skull turns into an eye-catching white long dress. Simply like a wedding dress. This is contradictory. Love this one also.

Well, that's just from my point of view. But if you desire to take a look at more ideas from these picts, you can visit this site, http://fashematics.com/
For me, style is not defined. Style can come up with a strange idea. But it will suit you well if you wear it with attitude also. That's why Allah commands you to cover most of your body with hijab.

"I dress for myself, not others. I love the way my heart blooms from what I wear. I'm exactly enamoured with the way it comforts me." -Selfnote

much love,


Fajar Ahmad said...

Fashion, i don't buy it. I just love what I wear. Hahaha

Niken Pranita Putri said...

Agree with you bob ;)

dinirahman said...

lucu iceeen.. hehe

niken said...

maacih diniii ;)

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