Mar 1, 2011

Car Free Day

This post is dedicated to my mother in law soon-to-be hehe amin. If it's not because of her, I wouldn't participate on the most well-known event in Jakarta, Car Free Day. Why? Because she bought me a folding bike! Alhamdulillah. Like mother like son, this trait really seems like HIM. Thank you Ibu. May your kindness will bring you prosperity and happiness now and hereafter. Amin.

with him


Nurbudiansyah said...


akhirnya di post juga setelah menunggu satu puteran HI - STC :p
terimakasih ya unyu, kalo kamu seneng, aku juga seneng :)

love you for yesterday, today, and tomorrow :*

Niken Pranita Putri said...

hehehe maf yak lama :p
ayo kapan CFD-an lagiii? cant waitt :P

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