Nov 28, 2011

Way of Saying Gratitude

Alhamdulillah such good days has accompanied me during last week. Thank you my Lord. It's what I called 'every cloud has a silver lining'. I had experienced a burst-into-tears moment for the past few months and I dont even want to recall about it anymore. Wont blame the situation or anyone, just try to take lessons from it and move on! Sorry it's kinda 'curhat' cause I've been buried it all by myself since then. And nooow it's time to spread some love and happiness. Yayy!
Good days, good news, good fortune, good food, good weather, good friends, aaand good shoes of course :D Alhamdulillaah O:)
First happy news came from my pre-order shoes, which was finally arrived. To be honest I'm not making this only for compliment but this pair of shoes are really cute and comfy. Thank you UP! Hope these good shoes will bring me to many good places too. Amin :)

Then I won a quiz from @NYLON_IND and as a gift I got the private opening party invitation for Brightspot Market event. Yaaayy!

You dont know what it feels like to win a quiz, even maybe for you the prize isnt too tempted but I'm happy instead. And so I went to that event. Because the invitation was valid for two persons, I picked my bestbestbest partner in life to accompany me, Ian. Tomorrow he was turning 22 and I thought maybe it's the right time to give a little surprise right after that. I have wrapped a present for him into a bridal gift look like (cause it's made from kebaya fabric) and edited photos from my friends saying delightful words. Yaaay happy birthday dear :)

Isnt it beautiful? ;)

Up wedges, Forever 21 tees, Gaudi bag, Saturday Market's Kaffah Scarf, Kami Idea inner ninja

coincidentally met Ka Mut and Ka Lili

After that, Ian and I went back home to my place helping me finishing my jobs. I forced him to turn on my netbook where in there I put my background into the photo that I've edited. Surpriseeee! Very happy to see his blushing cheeks :')
"I hope you'll like it", I said in mind.

Follow the 'red-heart shaped-arrow', and say it loudly..
Happy birthday, dear! :)

Funny and annoying comment I heard from him. He said the wrapping present looks like pineapple and the edited photo is similar to Baphomet head. Hrrrrrrrr nurbudiiii -_____-

But really thank to Allah for the wonderful and blessed days I have in life. Never loose your faith about happiness and dreams. Thank it cause many good lessons hide in unpleasant things. Learn from the bad and be mature. Yeeaahh chin up! :)

Much love,


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