Dec 18, 2011


What's a literature student without leaving her connoisseurs a memorable masterpiece in her blog, hahaha maybe it's too exaggerated. Well, this is one of my works during studying at college. Since, insha Allah next semester I'll take the skripsi issue seriously and leaving my jahiliyah times as a college student, I'll show you what's English Literature major offered you through this poem. Hope you enjoy it yaa :)

What If
By Niken Pranita Putri

‘What’ and ‘If’ are a simply single word.
‘What’ and ‘If’ can distinctly mean odd.
‘What’ and ‘If’ are separately different in their own world.

What if ‘What’ and ‘If’ come into ‘What if’.

What if human beings have wings?
What if human beings can read minds?
What if human beings were born to be holy?
What if human beings can turn back times?
What if human beings stay still in heaven?
What if human beings live only in their own delusion?
What if human beings do not have brain?
What if human beings cannot tolerate peace?
What if human beings have blinded heart?
What if human beings compete for the sake of their vanity?
What if human beings turn into a greedy one?
What if human beings take their minds’ off God?

What if those ‘What if’ enigmas will never be resolved?

Whatchoothink of it? Must be bad, rite? Ahhh what a shame!
Eh by the way, in this post, I literally want to thank all of my loyal readers for always taking times dropping by on my blog. Such an honor to have you all in my life. Here, because I like you all very much, i made this especially for you. Hope you like it :)

Yes, I like you. Stay in my life..
Hmm pray the best for my skripsi next semester yaa. Thanks :)

Much love,

Niken Pranita


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