Jan 13, 2011

It's Bali. It's Love!

Whoa it's been a year since my last post ( ya I mean my last post on the last day in 2010 :P). Now I can completely feel the air comes through my lungs. I feel FREE yeaaah free from any assignments. Exhale and inhale. Hehehe. During this holiday, I would keep my blog updated insha Allah. Now this time may be the right time to pay my post's debt about my holiday in Bali. I went there to take part on my campus activity. For me, myself, no words can describe Bali. It's such a beautiful place to have some rest, to forget all the dizziness in Jakarta, to refresh your mind, and reflect yourself from the whole undone ambition. All I can say is, it's unforgetable! Once again, more photos, more fun! :D

taking this pict before leaving Jakarta

first stop at Rumah Makan Pringsewu

with double 'D', dyah and dhila

whatta comfy place to sleep! zzz

our headmasters, kharisma and dini

my girls :*

arrive at Inna Hotel Bali, Denpasar

Barong performance

at the backstage with rani and ghita

after watching Kecak dance

he's our funny tour guide, bli Delon

at Desa Panglipuran

taking pict with all classmates in front of the residents' temple

our lovely lecturers, mam Rahayu and mam Voka

next destination > Uluwatu! Whatta wonderful place!

with mamake, Dini

here we are at Tanjung Benoa :D

welcome to Kuta Beach \m/

heey miss, can I take a pict with you?

with one of my bestfriends, Rani

I really love those children. they were energetically trying to find money from the 'sajen'. how cute!

hey lil brothers, look at the camera please :)

that's right! now say cheese :)

the ceremonial which is held on the beach

at Kuta street

gathering night at Wisata Kartun

guess where am I? :P
it's time to go to Jogjaaa! But unfortunately I didn't take any pict in Jogja :(

Promise to myself to go there someday. You guys should come to Bali, Indonesia, sometime where thousands of temples stand, land of gods is praised, and where sweet memories couldn't be replaced!




Fajar Ahmad said...

Yeah, it's bali where i belong.. :)

Niken Pranita Putri said...

please bobeehh, you belong to Unjrengg -_- haha

Ria Septina said...

Hi. This is my first time read your blog. it's nice :)
Is it KKL activity. UNJ i guess?
huaaa, i think we're in same university hehe

Niken Pranita Putri said...

Hi Ria, thanks ya for visiting my blog. iya aku UNJ jg. aku follow blog kamu yaa :) hope we still can keep in touch dear :)

Ria Septina said...

I'm following your blog too..
Wah aku baru akhir februari ini KKLnya hihi

Oia, coongrats ya juara HC quiz, huhu i really envy ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice tour...
Mmmm... :)

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