Nov 6, 2010

Covered doesn't have to be boring!

Hey, I'm back. After many posts about bla bla blah, I mean all about pouring out what was in my heart, I'm finally back to the way I was. Just wanna share with you lil of my fave outfits. So, let the pictures speak..

thanks to @bloopendorse for the pair of shoes and harem pants.

hey look, I'm in stripes and white-plaited belt!

sandals and bag from Charles and Keith.

I was a bit scared to see this pict at first. Seems like I'm a ghost in here.

wedges and rattan bag really turn me into a woman.

let the jump suits your body.

after searching some tutorials on youtube, finally i found the best way to wear pashmina on my moon-faced.

As I said before, hijab doesn't restrict you, it completes you. Who says you can't be stylish by wearing the hijab? Don't let today's society shape your opinion on what's usually weared by the western people and makes you judge that wearing the hijab is such an old-fashioned mommy! I still can be myself with this stuff. And it truly comforts me. (Ups! Pouring out my heart, again. Sorry :P)

See you girls on another 'Covered doesn't have to be boring!' very soon. x

much love,


Nurbudiansyah said...

foto ke 5 dan ke 8 dari atas :)

Niken Pranita said...

:* :* :*

Dhila Firdaus said...

the 8th photo's simply cute! hype hype! *ceritanya di

Niken Pranita Putri said...

hehe makasih nuuung :*
hype hype hehe

nisanichan said...

love that orange skirt *_*

Niken Pranita Putri said...

thank you Nichan for visiting my blog.
i love that skirt too, but actually it's peach :P
Eid Mubarrak by the way, Nichan :)

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