Nov 15, 2010

Play with my old-white-plain shirt

Heyho, happy Monday all! Been enjoying to post anything here lately. So here I am just doing a bit silly things, taking some photos, mixing and matching all my stuff on my wardrobe. This time, I used my old-white-plain shirt. Just got the inspiration from Hijab Scarf's quiz. I don't really expect to win this quiz, only want to please myself and participate a little. But I would be so grateful if I win this. So, happy mix and match!

Let's look what I've done to this shirt.

It's always nice to mix an oversized shirt with denim. Don't forget to roll your denim up a little.

Then match it with your fave shoes.

Well, I really love doing this. As you know, comments are always appreciated here. Wish to see you again on another post of mine. Thank you.

much love,


ranistia said...

asiikk, stripes dress nya tetep deh HYPE ! :D

Niken Pranita Putri said...

iyaa hype hype!
ayo kita berburu lagi miss ke cheap monday :D

Dhila Firdaus said...

hv i ever told u that i love ur bodyshape miss?
evrything looks good on you hey! hype the 2nd pict, loverly! <3

Niken Pranita Putri said...

no dhilaaa, that's too much! endut nih gueee. hehe btw, thanks anyway. post more about Leo dil, i'm curious bout him.. :D

liliputriananda said...

c.u.t.e :)


Stylish Hijabi said...

luv ur style!

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