Nov 20, 2010

Daily Outfit

I'm out of words tonight, just let's jump to the point.

I really love the harem pants because I got it very cheap. Hehe. It is just simple yet chic. And the necklace also, it's handmade by me :)

much love,


Ra said...

have a nice week end :)

Niken Pranita Putri said...

you too. have a blessed weekend :)

F i K a said...

I like the one that you add knit cardi on it :)

Niken Pranita Putri said...

thanks ka fika :)
aku suka blognya kaka. very insipiring :)

dsy said...

harem pants! I really should have one!

Niken Pranita Putri said...

yes sure you have to. hurry go get yours :D
btw, i have visited ur blog. it's a nice one. hope we still can keep contact :)

Stylish Hijabi said...

thank you for your sweet comment sista, and I have to say that I'm in love with ur harem pants, I've been searching for a pair and I dont find my style.. but yours are amazing! :)

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