Nov 29, 2010

Under Construction

Had a photo shoot with Ms. Dhila Firdaus at college. We were coincidentally wearing denim. Hey nuung, you are featured on my blog! Come and see, come and see :)



Fajar Ahmad said...

Nung, im ready to be ur talent..
Icen, when's it gonna be my turn..
I wanna be here! LOH..

Niken Pranita Putri said...

Well later i'll put your photos here. But since I dont have any of your photos, let me dab Ms. Dhila first :D

ranistia said...

ken foto yg kedua remind me of someone deh (lololoperapter) hahaha peace :*

Niken Pranita Putri said...

hah? paraaah lo ran hahaha. nuuung dibilang mirip *tiiittts* haha

ranistia said...

ya Allah bukaan maksud gue foto lo keen. foto yg ke tigaa hahahahaha

Lili Putri Ananda said...

ada yg bisa jelasin apa itu jilbab magnolia? hha

Niken Pranita Putri said...

itu bukan jilbab kalili, tp shawl yg dipake jd jilbab. belinya di magnolia hehe

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